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Jara Construction has been servicing and performing roofing in and around the local Chester County PA area.  We specialize in asphalt, tile, slate and copper roofs, vinyl, cement or cedar siding, door installation, window replacement and more.  We are a family owned and operated business servicing residential and commercial customers.  

There are various types of roofs you can install at your home or business.  

1.  Asphalt:  A shingle type based product used to protect from waterproofing.  These roofs are the most commonly used in the US because of the relatively inexpensive cost and durability.  

2.  Roof Tiles:  Made to keep out rain and made from materials including slate or terracotta.  Technology and machine have made it easy to manufacture.  For example, using modern materials like concrete and plastic are now used to give a glaze like look.  A very expensive material, but one of the most beautiful looking roofs on the market today.  

3.  Slate:  Slate can be used as a roofing material and has low water absorbtion, which makes it essentially waterproof for your home or business.  The natural form of slate is used by roofing professionals because of its beauty and durability.  The lifespan of a slate roof is over 300 years and offers very little upkeep.  In addition, it is also resistant to fire since clay is essentially fire resistant.    

4.  Copper:  Copper roofs are resistant to corroding and offer a long life and usually last over 100 years.  You will see copper roofing on expensive housing, churches, government building and colleges.

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